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And will there be geckos for tea?
10th August 2018

Tumbleweed has been so successful in avoiding the French holiday crowd that he resorts to entertaining geckos for high tea!
Summer Lightening
9th August 2018

A break from the heatwave finds Tumbleweed wondering why the French can still support quality artisanal industry whilst Britain, seemingly, cannot.
Autres Directions
8th August 2018

Tumbleweed considers all his options - geographical, metaphysical and practical.
Heavy weather
7th August 2018

The summer French heatwave continues apace and finally fries Tumbleweeds brain to the extent he doesn't even know which major rivers he is crossing!
Here there be dragons
6th August 2018

Tumbleweed finally moves away from his tranquil French forest and goes back into battle with the ubiquitous Eurocamper fraternity.
Sunday as it should be
5th August 2018

Tumbleweed luxuriates in the relative solitude of his French forest sanctuary whilst the rest of France, presumably, visits the seaside.
Silent Saturday Solace
4th August 2018

Tumbleweed enjoys a quiet French forest even though the entire country is 'en vacance'.
Friday Frazzle
3rd August 2018

Tumbleweed finally escapes the French chattering classes and sweats in the hot summer sun.
Thursday's Child has far to Go
2nd August 2018

Tumbleweed is still running from the Far From the French Madding Holiday Crowd, with mixed results.
A whisper from the wolves?
1st August 2018

Tumbleweed's two former travelling companions - a pair of Saarloos wolfdogs - appear to be still guiding his travels.
Tuesday, a day after Monday
31st July 2018

Tumbleweed and Amy find it hard to get away from it all at the sesside in high holiday season France.
Monday: A day between Sunday...
30th July 2018

Tumbleweed gets in a blind panic finding himself stark naked on a public beach and his clothes nowhere in sight!
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
29th July 2018

Tumbleweed hunkers down contemplatively on a quiet French beach hoping to escape the worst excesses of the first Sunday of the national holiday season.
Mr Hulot's Holiday
28th July 2018

Tumbleweed feels like the Jacques Tati film noir character Mr Hulot as he spends a day at the beach with French families, all doing nothing in particular.
Atom heart mother
27th July 2018

Tumbleweed discovers peace and tranquility next to an EDF nuclear power plant - but probably wouldn't want to linger there for too long!
South, South Sussex
26th July 2018

Tumbleweed, having discovered South, South Sussex in Normandie goes on to unearth bygone France alive and well in Ault.
Battlefields of the Somme
25th July 2018

Tumbleweed visits the Somme and hears echoes from the Great War calling down to him through the decades.
Beach Rest
24th July 2018

Despite the imminent approach of August, France’s national holiday month, Tumbleweed is managing to find quiet and uncrowded beaches in Normandy.
WW2 Fortresses
21st July 2018

Tumbleweed reflects on the build quality of the many WW2 fortifications on the coast and the difference between the youth of then and now.
21st July 2018

Tumbleweed returns to Europe to resume his solo travels on a shoestring and to see if it's possible to find seaside serenity whilst France is on vacance!

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