South, South Sussex

26th July 2018

Amy and I have decided to stay in 'South, South Sussex' again today as we like it here so much.

Where we camped last night tuned out to be Lapan-Land, essentially a massive rabbit warren and dear Amy thought she had died and gone to heaven!

We had a blissfully isolated night, that is to say no pesky people anywhere to be seen or (more importantly) heard and after departing slowly further south along our rugged track cum road this morning we found the terrain to be even more ideal for wild camping, so have returned here for tonight.

The aforementioned rugged coast road becomes tarmac again at the quaint seaside town of Ault, another old skool French conurbation unmolested by money with the added advantage of being next to the ocean. I just love old French towns that have so far escaped god-awful gentrification and always half expect to see Maigret lighting his pipe in a dark doorway as he emerges onto the street. Didn't see him today but did see several local French persons who didn't appear to be too much influenced by the 21st century, looking more like archetypal characters from a 1960s Ladybird 'Janet et John allez France pour les Vacance' book. Lots of old Citroen 2CV and Renault 4 type cars and vans about too, which is unusual anywhere in France these days as 99% of the population seem to drive something very shiny and very new. Invariably of French manufacture BTW!

Down the road a bit further to Eu where there is a very decent Lidl store with, unusually, an adjacent/integral proper butchers shop where I got Amy two large knuckle bones - free, gratis and for nothing to pay. Also very unusual in today's France. Didn't see much of Eu but what I did see looked to be of the same stamp as Ault. All very encouraging.

Anywho, not having travelled any great distance south today, at Eu, we decided to return north for a few km back to the lovely lake where we lazed and loafed the lions share of yesterday away and managed the exact same neat trick again today!

A real hot afternoon, ideal for pushing out zeds in a shady spot, with a strong and most welcome breeze blowing in off the ocean to take the hard edge off the heat. Although very sunny there was a haze, which I assume is moist, making the 28 degrees temp feel significantly hotter.

Beach rest

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