21st July 2018

A smashing early morning walk along a vast and deserted Normandie beach this morning, including a liberating skinny dipping and subsequent air drying session.

Later, we ambled down the coast by backroads to Boulogne and just beyond to this place:

Google Maps
Latitude : 50.66429 (50° 39′ 51.43″ N)
Longitude : 1.57686 (1° 34′ 36.69″ E)
accuracy of signal : 3 m

As you may be able to discern, we are parked up for to tonight very close to the sea in a nature reserve area. We are currently the only vehicle parked at the end of a no through road so it's very quiet and just a short walk through the dunes to yet another vast beach. We had a look round the actual beach about 4pm and despite being 'book ended' by a small town at either end it was practically deserted. I am sure we will have it all to ourselves at first light in the morning.

On the beach this afternoon, Amy caught a tern in low flight and was, I think, even more surprised than the tern and so almost immediately let it go. The poor bird looked a bit bemused but was quick witted enough to immediately take to the wing again and make good it's escape.

I also watched a cormorant dive into the sea and despite peering at the spot where it disappeared for ages I never did see it reemerge. From which I conclude cormorants are are rather good at holding their breath or it drowned!

A few joggers passing by now it's early evening which doesn't surprise me as jogging seems to be the French national sport these days. Sunday mornings are simply astonishing as it seems like absolutely everybody goes outside to run or cycle with a heart monitor gizmo strapped to their wrist. They remind me of a James Thurber quote:

All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.

I'm expecting a hectic few days ahead as its this coming weekend that France officially goes on les vacance, which should be all over come September. It'll be interesting to see if I can avoid the worst excesses of it ducking and diving into relatively obscure bits of coast or if I will have put my metaphorical tail between my legs and make a run for it elsewhere.

I don't imagine I'll have to wait long to find out!

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