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Post Pillbox Pontifications
31st August 2018

Walking amongst the remains of WW2 German coastal military 'pillboxes' motivates Tumbleweed to pontificate on the German occupation of France in the 1940s.
Montalivet Musings
30th August 2018

Tumbleweed returns to a favourite seaside resort in Aquitaine and is pleased to discover that despite being high summer the town is still a very tolerable location to visit.
Sign of the Times?
29th August 2018

Tumbleweed arrives in the forested coast of Aquitaine and laments the many new restrictive signs and notices the region has spawned since his last visit there - but understands why they are necessary.
Intonet issues?
28th August 2018

Tumbleweed stumbles into a forest beloved by wild pigeon hunters, who don't shoot them but decoy them out of the skies and into nets!
Paradise Lost
27th August 2018

Tumbleweed makes a hasty U turn out of the malodorous mountains back towards Lourdes and ponders his options.
Mountain Realisation
26th August 2018

Tumbleweed finally arrives in the French Pyrénées but is disappointed to find it is Swiss Surrey rather than a European Yukon!
Chasse Centrale
25th August 2018

As Tumbleweed makes a dash due south towards the French mountains he finds that the Native obsession with slaughtering wildlife for sport means a new 'hunting season' has started already - in August!
Maized as a Rook! - as they say in east Devon
24th August 2018

Tumbleweed laments the extensive monoculture of maize production in the fields of southern France.
Sleepless in Murdervile
23rd August 2018

The heavy summer southern French heat prevents Tumbleweed from getting a decent night's sleep.
Avenging Amy
22nd August 2018

Tumbleweed returns to a chateau that he last had acquaintance with in the early 1970s and notes that the ancient edifice has survived the intervening decades in far better fettle than he has himself!
Sweet Dreams are Made of This?
24th August 2018

Tumbleweed has a vivid dream about his former wolfdog travelling companions that fills him with bitter-sweet memories.
Noise Annoys!
20th August 2018

Tumbleweed is back on his favourite grumble - just how noisy the human race is!
Sisters to Arms
19th August 2018

Following yesterday's tirade against hunting Tumbleweed wonders if the world's women aren't wildlife's best hope for survival.
La Chasse
18th August 2018

Tumbleweed calls for action against hunters - all hunters, everywhere!
A bit more about trains
17th August 2018

Tumbleweed bangs on a bit more about the myriad virtues of a national railway network
A Charmed Life
16th August 2018

Tumbleweed admires the French vineyard farmer's way of life and inheritance.
France under Fire!
15th August 2018

Tumbleweed laments the seemingly ubiquitous French passion for slaughtering it's rapidly dwindling wildlife population for sport!
Champagne Charlie!
14th August 2018

Tumbleweed drinks in the heady charm of France's Champagne region.
Towards Cognac
13th August 2018

Tumbleweed considers whether Cognac could help his condition - the picking of the grapes to bolster up his rapidly dwindling finances!
Trains of thought
12th August 2018

Tumbleweed remembers British halcyon railway days and wonders if they can, or will, ever return.

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