Hello I am Tumbleweed

Hello I am Tumbleweed, a mature bloke in the autumn of his years with more on his mind than in it.

Since early 2011 I have been travelling more or less continuously in France, Iberia, Morocco and the Western Sahara but my travels do include a two year ‘interlude’ 'off-grid' in a bell tent, later replaced by a small caravan, in a southwest Wales forest.

I originally traveled with two Saarloos wolfdogs that I bred (often affectionally referred to simply as ‘the wolves’ in my blogs) until their demise in early 2017 but nowadays I travel with Amy - a young Malinois X from the SPA in Rennes and we have been together since October 2017.

We travel in an old Mitsubishi Jeep and ‘wild camp’ pretty much every day of our lives. By ‘wild camp’ I mean we use the Jeep as a sort of go anywhere mini RV, sleeping inside it, in as remote a location as circumstances allow.

Whenever possible we eschew crowds and cacophony and seek solace and serenity in silent places.

Hard to find such places anywhere with a decent climate though, but we always travel hopefully. Indeed, the journey itself is the adventure. We don't hide behind a surfboard in order to enjoy an extended sojourn on an Atlantic beach, or rudely ride a high-tek bike red-faced over mountains, or hike long distance paths wearing 'regulation issue' hiking gear in order to ‘validate’ our presence at high altitudes and/or remote natural landscapes.

Like Pooh Bear (or even the Tao) - we just ‘are’ and don't worry ourselves about anything over much apart from where and how we are going to pick up (metaphorically) our next jar of honey for tonight's supper!

There is loads of background stuff i could write about my Reggie Perrin past but I think it all comes out slowly, bit by bit, in my blogs. I write them daily when circs allow but with such an itinerant life I can't always guarantee it.

So, the ‘starting point’ of my first ever public blog is towards the end of July 2018 when, after an unusually fine early summer in Wales, Amy and I departed the Septic Isle once again to savour the delights and delectations of her homeland, La Belle France.

You can start following my journey here

Amy and I travel on a shoestring - and its a thin shoestring at that! - So, if you enjoy reading about our travel trials and tribulations and would like to make a small donation please do! Amy will be particularly pleased as she is very fond of her daily dinner. Woof!